Solar Fridges and Freezers

Situated just below the equator, all South Africans are just too familiar with the intensity of the African Sun, and the joys that come with it.  Whether you are vacationing at the coast, the country side, or even the brave discerning adventurer who prefers to roughen things up in the bushveld, no one can escape the blazing sun, and that includes your perishables.

It is for this exact reason why SnoMaster makes it their mission to source Fridges and Freezers of the highest quality possible, in order to withstand any conditions.  Whether you are acquiring a wine cooler, a portable refreshment cooler, or a domestic refrigerator / freezer, satisfaction is guaranteed in the knowledge that SnoMaster has done their research:  For South Africans, by South Africans.

SnoMaster also recognises the benefits of the African Sun by now being suppliers of Solar Powered refrigeration, thus harnessing the sun’s natural energy and converting this to electricity.  Should you find yourself in a situation where the sun is not so freely available, these fridges and freezers can also operate on any 12V power supply, ensuring an un-interrupted source of cooling.  This is just one confirmation that SnoMaster is an Innovative, environmentally conscious organisation and truly cares about the needs of their clients.

I need to emphasise here that the benefits of having solar-powered refrigeration is not restricted to campers and adventurers, but also for the domestic market as SnoMaster are also suppliers of the Solar-harnessing panels needed for this purpose.  Whether you need a refrigerator for your home or your catering company, solar power is the future and available at SnoMaster.

One true area in which SnoMaster excels, and not limited to, is that their products are not only of a high-quality, but also affordable, offering excellent service and technical support under one roof.  Although their head office is situated in Johannesburg, assistance and support is available throughout Southern Africa, making SnoMaster a leader in this competitive market.